I dream a lot so I had another dream last night as well. I was at a beach made of only ocean but it was still shallow enough to not drown and the water was almost clear and I was swimming into the waves and opening my eyes (something I can't do with contacts) and I really enjoyed myself but then the beach disappeared and I walked into my friend's house for her party and he dad was a ringmaster at a circus so he brought the animals but the were all in this hug box laid on their sides like plastic toys until they were needed and they was this extremely large (larger than average) tiger that took a liking to me and at first I was scared but then I hugged her and I woke up. (My friend's dad is not really a ring master. He's a pastor)
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They say dreams have cryptic definitions. Or, maybe not. Either way, dreams are fascinating.

Dreams have always fascinated me too. I've always been able to remember lots of them. Some are so real I thought they happened and others are just what the **** moments. And then of course the abundance of nightmares. I don't think they have some sort of meaning.

It's hard to tell.