I had dream that this man was having sex with a spider and their kid walked in on them,
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I didn't even know spiders had compatible sex organs, even if you scale them up... but non-human biology was never of much interest to me and I guess in a dream anything can happen.

One question, though: was the kid a half-man, half-spider?

The kid looked like a normal boy that I guess I could say had spider DNA like Peter Parker, only you didn't see him doing spider things. You just saw him walk in on his parents.

Did the spider thus look like a human with special powers (like a female Peter Parker), or more like a giant eight-legged spider with a human reproductive system?

Hah what a wierd dream

the spider man origins ( plot for a new movie )

Kool now i know what wierd is :D

This might be the New story of Spider-man.


I just want to know , how big that spider was ?


Lol 😂

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This is the most hilarious thing I've read all day 😂