I kid you not, but once I had a dream of the digestive system... O_O

Science rocks!
ConcealedWildheart ConcealedWildheart
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What about the digestive system? Did you dream you were being digested by your friend or something?

Lol no! I was dreaming about the process of food being digested, e'g' the food starts in the mouth where it is broken to pieces..yada yada.'

Could be worse. I once dreamed I had been dragged away against my will by some evil daycare owners who abducted me from my family abused me both physically an sexually and psychologicaly

I think in the dream the daycare teachers were like sadists or something

Oh wow. I'm so sorry to hear it! Luckily it isn't real! ^.^

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I believe you.

Haha, nice to know somebody around here does :P