For once, I had a nice romantic dream!

I was lost in a forest. Thickly green with specs of day light, I walked naked and vulnerable through the golden brown leaves. I remember feeling cold, with shivers down my spine.

There was a lake, with a shark swimming towards me. I ran into deep mud, desperate to escape yet could barely move the soles of my feet.

Then, there was him. The light of my full life, the only thing worth living for. Just to see his face brightened my day, his smile was infectious; it was the only thing that could cheer me up.

He smiled, and ran with me. Even though we were scared sh!tless, our adrenaline bounced off one another, the power in out legs took perfect rhythm. We held hands as we ran away, nearly dying in the process.

Though he has a happy relationship with his new girlfriend, it was a beautiful dream.
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Lol I had a dream that people I don't even know robbed a bank and the guy gf was crazy and she tried to fight me I pushed her she tried to kill me I ran