The first one last night all my family was leaving to go to church. But I couldn't find anything I needed. I ended up making everyone late. (In the dream I apparently had made everyone late to church every time, so my dad was mad at me) In the end I never could find my makeup, and realized it had been missing for a week now. I was scared to look for it in the house with everyone in the car because I thought I heard an intruder. That was it.

The second one had more action. I was at comic con for the first time ever and having a lot of fun with my friends. The only thing I didn't like was that they were showing off all these virtual reality videogames, like an advanced oculus rift. I hated them. They were mostly just stressful. Anyways after messing around with the cosplayers I left the main area to go look at other booths and I ended up in an unfamiliar area. I wandered around and eventually found a bed. I suddenly felt sleepy and went to go lie down in it.

A grandma-looking woman walked in and began to tell me a story. But the story was unsettling. I could tell that in it she was talking about me and telling me about my future. I can't for the life of me recall what she said though, even though I feel like it was important. Anyways after she told me that in a weird story way she said goodnight and started walking out singing a lullaby. I layed my head down to sleep and still heard her singing at the door. I was wondering why she hadn't left yet when suddenly I heard her say something about showing her love with a hammer. I was concerned and opened my eyes to see her about to swing a hammer at me from the doorway!

I quickly phased through the window behind me and into the hallway and she shattered the glass after me. She came into the hallway and her attacks were so fast I was having trouble keeping up with them, I was barely registering what was going on. I just kept teleporting away from them, hopping from one spot in the room to another. Finally she got a blow in and although I saw blood spurt from my face I felt nothing. I realized I was in another one of those stupid virtual reality games, and quit out. Then I woke up.
Hush92 Hush92
22-25, F
Aug 19, 2014