I'm in love with somebody who's only a good friend. We shared one passionate morning together in a hotel room but it meant much more to me, than to him.
Last night I dreamed that he came for a visit.
I lived together with my parental family again and it was as if we all wouldn't have our own families.
My friend greated me as friends greet each other, with a short hug and then he dissapeared.
A bit later, I saw that he spent the time with my two sisters in a room in our cellar which was my room when I was a child.
The both said that they only hugged and kissed him and he left, to travel back home but refused to hug me. He said, he wasn't in the mood. Both my sisters cried her eyes out.
When I was alone again with my sisters I yelled at them if they would know how they made me feel but I knew that it wasn't their fault and felt bad about my behaviour.
They had dark red cheeks and looked guilty.
The next day it was my friend's birthday and I thought, why couldn't he have stayed for one more day, to celebrate with us?
I tried to call him to congratulate but it was too loud and I couldn't find a quiet place because there was a big party going on in the streets of our village.
I felt a deep sadness but couldn't cry.
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I`m surprised you remembered this much Ricki. I can never remember my nice dreams if I do dream them. I do have claustrophobic dreams I remember vividly. I wish I didn`t.

I'm writing them down as soon as possible. One dream stuck in my head since my childhood days because it was one of the dreams that repeat themselves.
If I remember that right, I shared it here on ep.

That`s what this place is for. ;o)

I like to read dreams of others too. Do you have one in this group?

I did have one on my old profile. Long gone now.

Oh : (

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Dreams are always weird Ricki , even mine . Try not to think about it xxx

It isn't the reality but it hurts the same. I'm always glad when I awake from such dreams.