Should I text my ex??? Should?
yoshiyang yoshiyang
18-21, M
8 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Call.much better.

mmm i think im good. i dont have any more feelings for that person. and if i still do. its as small as an ant.

Has she texted you to ask how you are? No? Then no.

Also depends on who broke it off and why.

hmm i guess i just wont text


Not unless you're willing to get slammed. But if you want to open up that emotional door again, nobody can stop you.

Yes, tease him a bit.

Im a guy lol


It almost never gets you anywhere. Thats why they are your ex :(

Ok then

Well done!

For what?

Idk just wanted to ask her how she was

No reason

But I see her at least 1 time a week. Should I just ignore her?