I had a dream when I was in school and I turned left down a corridor and then I was hit by an arrow and fell to the ground in agony. The weird thing was that when I looked up to see who had fired it, it was the girl I'm into. Does this mean anything?
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Either one of two things: cupids arrow type deal and she's into you OR she shot you down and you don't stand a chance

Thanks ! :)

I know an arrow through the heart usually symbolizes love. So maybe it's trying to say you should make a move on her? Or vice versa perhaps. Although take this post with a grain of salt, I am not an expert.

I used to have weird dreams like you, but then i took an arrow to the knee. ; )

Thanks ! :)

It either means one of two things: if her eyes were normal looking, than she likes you too. But if there was fire, than she hates your guts

She had no expression on her face and I didn't take notice of her eyes. :/

Shen she probably doesn't like you


Or u had a freaky dream

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