They Never Make Sence...

in any logical way...the other day i had a dream i had a mouse cage that was small with all these little light pink skined mice and i just kept holding each one in my hand and puting them back so i could pick up the next one waiting for it to pick it up and then one i held turned into a heart after i put it close to my face and it was stuck like a heart shaped mouse and i quickly put it back into the cage afriad to touch another one and then i woke up...a while back i had a dream i had to climb out of my window to get something from my bathroom and the bathroom was outside like a garage in the backyard and there was a cat in the corner and it was dark outside so i wanted to sneak to the bathroom and then as i was trying to get out there was an unbrella and i was starting to fall and then as i was thinking i should get back in before i fall i fell and started to walk towards the bathroom but then cat's came from everywhere so as i started to turn around to go back to my room the cats were starting to come towards me and one was close to me and trying to atack me as it came closer and i couldn't get around something and my feet felt glued to the ground and the cat kept trying to bit or claw me and it just kept hissing at me while others kept getting closer..and i was conscious of the fact i was having a scary dream so  i tried waking myself up and it took a minute before i finnally did.

i've had many other weird dreams i'll just have to write about them later.  and i am not exactly afraid of cats i've always wanted one since i was a kid...but now they have started to scary me becuase on one friday the 13 they started to follow me around and watch some kind of scare me it just depends...and that one friday the 13 they would stay outside my house and meow at me and not move until i was only a foot away and other stuff.

Loganberry Loganberry
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2007