I had this one the night before last and I barely recall any of it, which is sad because it was very engaging and complex.

Basically, I lived in this alternate dimension where people had this...force (?) inside of them. Normally the force/power/whatever was dormant. But you (or somebody else) could choose to awaken it by doing something I don't remember. Awakening it would give you extraordinary powers. But it came with a draw; the force had to be fueled constantly, and the only way it could be fueled was through battling with your powers. If you did not fuel it, it would become depleted, and you would become ABSOLUTELY insane until you did "refuel." As in hardcore, frightening, bad acid trip hallucinations. People who chose to use this power took a special last name I can't remember, and held huge battle tournaments for popular entertainment, as well as acting as soldiers/mercenaries/etc.

I was actually a young boy in this dream. I had a mom but I was estranged from her and we never spoke and I think I had grown up in a home mostly. I had one best friend who was another boy, around 12/13. He awoke his force, but I didn't want to waken mine because I didn't want to have to fight constantly. Then my mom (who was a mercenary/spy who had awoken her force) somehow tricked me or forced me into activating the force within me. The rest of the dream involved me and my friend haphazardly learning to use our powers and barely winning battles. When I tried to stop fighting I experienced the hallucinations and realized I would never be able to stop now, which was very depressing and stressful to me. I actually found my mom and told her I hated her and was furious at her for activating my force. (The force had a special name but I don't recall it) She refused to explain the reason behind it too.

Crazy, crazy dream.
Hush92 Hush92
22-25, F
Aug 27, 2014