Another weird dream I had today when I napped..

So I was setting outside the living room, I look inside and there were a lot of people sitting, amongst them people who are supposedly dead, but I can see them inside sitting with the living and are talking, I told someone (I can't remember who now) that I can see dead people inside, they told me how is that possible, I was surprised that they couldn't see them like me.

Then I saw my mum outside the living room, her face and hands were black, not black like the skin of a black person, they were black as if they were burned.. I asked her what happened to her face and hands, she said it is nothing, it is okay, i told her that we better take it to the doctor, but just like how she does in real life, she always says she is okay and she never accepts going to the doctor.

It was such a gloomy and weird dream, very, as the usual, and I am soooo sick of dreaming these sick dreams.
MissGaga MissGaga
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You ate to much cheese before going to bed.

O.o I so didn't. But I had lunch before napping!