I'm totally serious about this but sometimes I have dreams and then later on they become reality. It creeps me the hell out lol. When I dream of crazy obscure things and then later on (sometimes days, weeks, months, even years later) I see pictures or experience things that occurred in my dreams. My heart stops for a second when this happens. It's totally weird but it is real.
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Like you I had many dreams that came to reality before it's kind of weird to see it in dreams and then to experience in reality.

Lucid prescience?
Can you have some dreams about my life and then tell me how it goes? I jest, but for reelz.

Actually I have had dreams about other people's life's and they became reality but it's usually people I'm strongly connected to. Like my ex b/f, I had a dream that I met his new girlfriend and said "hello Jen", 3 days later he announced he was in a relationship with a Jen person. I seriously had no indication as to if and who he was dating so it was really random and weird.

If nothing else it will certainly make for a continuous curiosity in your life. Certainly is very interesting. I imagine it has you "looking around corners". I can't say I have experienced the same, but I have had numerous wild experiences of deja vu. The kind that give you pause.
Perhaps your like young Paul Atreides.

I haven't heard of this character prior but I looked it up online and now I'm intrigued to read. Thanks for sharing

Dune >:)

I imagine you'll connect with Paul's character. The temptations and trappings of manipulating and being manipulated by the future.

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