Ok...this is a weird one. It started out with me and my family going to this kind of remote city for my baby cousin's baptism. It started out as a nice vacation, the town was pretty and right on the beach. One of my family members found a the tiniest little blue turtle that was very cute and I decided I would bring it home and keep it as a pet. However as we were getting ready for the baptism, it vanished, and we looked for it but I couldn't find it, so that made me sad. Anyways we headed to the church and as we sat in the front row pews I realized that I was wearing a bright blue bra under my nice white dress! It was incredibly embarassing, and I wished I had checked myself in the mirror before I left. As I was thinking about how I wanted to hide, as my bra was clearly visible at a baptism for crying out loud, a giant white balloon appeared in my hands and I used it to cover up, savings myself at least a little embarassment.

After the baptism we tried to get in the car to go back home, but found that it wouldn't start and was all messed up so we had to take it to the mechanics who couldn't fix it that day, so we had to stay in a hotel in this city/town. As the day and night goes on I realize a lot of weird things happening. Just these strange little incidents and things people would say and do, I don't remember specifics. There was also a man with a TV head (like the Lone Survivor game) who was really crazy and creepy and kept telling me to come with him. But anyways I ended up finding out that the people in the town were all crazy and they were trying to kill me and my family. We started planning an escape and ran for the train station. As we ran people kept running around and screaming that the earth couldn't heat itself anymore, and that everything would get colder and colder until we all died. We made it to the train and got on. We were very relieved because we thought we'd escaped, but suddenly the Devil appeared in this giant cloud of black smoke. He laughed at me and said it was impossible to escape. Then he set the train on fire. I immediately transformed into my beast form as I'm immune to fire in that state. But my family, and everyone else on the train, was not immune, and I was helpless as they all burned to death around me. I made it back to my town alive, but lived the rest of my life bitter and depressed, I dropped out of college and lived the rest of my days doing nothing. A screen popped up saying I had got the "Good Mad Ending" to the dream. It was good because I had made it out and survived but mad because I was angry with how it had ended.

Then time reversed and I was back in the crazy town, my family still alive. I was at the point where I just realized everyone wanted to kill us and I was trying to plan an escape that didn't involve the train this time because I knew the Devil would be waiting there. I decided to talk to the man with the TV head. He told me he was the leader of a group that knew what my family and I were going through, but it wasn't safe to talk in the open, so he told me to meet him at their headquarters in this abandoned warehouse, but people might follow me and try to hurt me on the way so I should be careful. I agreed to meet him. I transformed into my beast form again and roared fiercely whenever I heard a sound to scare away attackers. It worked and I didn't have to fight anyone. I got to the headquarters and was surprised to find the "rebel group" was a bunch of kids, the TV man was the only adult. They told me an evil cult ran the town that murdered visitors regularly, and they didn't approve and wanted to overthrow them but they needed my help. I agreed and as we were making a plan I woke up. Pretty intense! If anyone wants to interpret be my guest, haha.
Hush92 Hush92
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Sep 2, 2014