Some Examples of My Weird Dreams

1. I once dreamt I was riding on the bicycle of an old friend from secondary school. I had got lost by getting on the wrong bus in France and she had come to my rescue. She took me to her house and I found she was building robots that looked like humans in her gym (not her basement, but her gym...). She told me not to be afraid and then asked if I would be so kind as to allow her to place half a sandwich on my face.

2. I dreamt I was dragged into a strange place by some daemons. The Body Shop was in this place. So I went in and did some shopping. I was in hell, but I didn't know it at the time. How did I find out? Dream me realised I was in hell when I was given all this free stuff from The Body Shop, but wasn't allowed to have a bag. I don't even go to The Body Shop often...

3. I dreamt I checked into a five-star hotel. The hotel staff told me that my cats had arrived and he will let them out of their carrying cages so that they can walk to my room with me. I warned him that they would most likely trail milk all over the hotel floors as they are experimental, genetically modified cats with cow udders. He said nothing, but his face appeared to convey no sign of worry about milk being everywhere. He released the cats. They were both long-haired, black and white cats. They meowed a lot as they follow me into the lift and to my room.

The furniture in my room seemed to consist of two enormous white beds and nothing else. The two cats immediately jumped on top of them and began chasing each other around. I picked up a small, dark grey case from my luggage and opened it. I put on some plastic gloves, picked up some containers and began to milk the cats.


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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

You definitly have weird dreams ... Maybe you should go to see a person who could interpret your dreams ... =') It was very funny !!!

Interesting dreams, PapayaBubbleTea. I like the sound of that :)