BECASE of Him!

 i was 9 years old and i used to live with my mother. eventually we neede to move, but she didnt know where. so my aunt mary tolde us that we could stay for a few months at her home, until we find a house to buy.

 i was really happy at first because my cusin vicky and i were like best friends she said that and her and i could chare rooms. we used to play around and have lots of fun together no stop...

 at dinner my aunts boyfriend angel used to sit next to me on the table, while there he will touch my legs and also with his legs he will go up and down agaist mine. i felt really uncontable.

 sometimes wen we were alone on the living room, we would watch tv. one day no one was at home, he was watching some movie, he tolde me to sit on his lap so we could watch tv together, so i inosently wen to sit on his lap.

 he said "good girl" with an weid smile. he press me closer to me, bringing me closer to his private part, and he started rubing his thing agaisnt my behing . i felt his hing warm. i got uncomtable and got up. but he lift me again and sat himself caring me , and his cold hands started going up and down my chest and he was rubbing his figers on my nipple.

 i got really scared and beg him to stop, but he hold me tighter to him. i bit his neck hard and he let go of me, i began to run to the door but he cough me fast, he slap me across the face twice "bad girl!!!!" hes cream with anger..

 i started crying, he drag me to the couch by my hair, and started ripping my clothes off, i beg him to stop  crying on top of my lungs. "it would be wounderful" he tolde me taking off his pants. then i felt his penis that went inside me, it was horrifying painful it hurt so much . i try to get away but i couln't. he press his lips hard against mine, then with his tonge he lick me face and my body.

 i felt really nasty and ashame. "thank you" he said with a smile and walk out the door, living me naked on the couch. i got up really hurting it was hard for me to walk, i gather up my clothes , went to take a shower, and put new clothes on.

 2 hours later i heard my aunt opening the door she was really drunk, i ran to her crying telling her that her boyfriend hurt me. but she didn't belive me or my mom. my cusin said that he would never do such a thing.

 everyday i fear going home, knowing that angel would be there waiting for me to go home. before i used to say wen i came from school... home sweet home. but it turn out that hell its a place call home. and that the world was full of bad people. i ended up one day running away.

 my mom found me , i tolde her i move back in with her if she moves to another house. she did. now i am 15 years old ,and i still have that horrible memory in me. because of him i cant let no one else in , because of him i am afraid when a guy touches me or tries to kiss me.because of him i cant sleep most of the nights.

 my heart its full of many emotions because of him i feel empty, afraid, angry, violent.etc.



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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

I'm really sorry to hear about this awful experience, it made me sad and angry. I wanted to be in that room with you so I could come over and make him stop and protect you.<br><br />
AA is right that you have some power to make yourself feel better about this. You deserve that - even though you felt dirty and ashamed, you did nothing wrong, it was all him.<br><br />
Just try and tell a person that you trust, and if they don't listen try to tell someone else - finding someone supportive you can talk to will help I think. You don't have to report him to the police if you don't want to, but you might want to do that later as well, because what he did is a very serious crime against you.

Oh sweetie, what an awful, terrible thing to have happened to you. <br />
Im so sorry. Men like that deserve to be shot. Thats really all there is to it.<br />
It can be hard to talk, use Ep to get as much out as you can - but counselling can be extremely helpful and your Mum doesnt have to know you are going, dont let this disgusting man keep you a victim, you have the strength to rise above - I can hear it in your writing.<br />
Best of luck hon, stay strong.