Realistic Dreams

Hello, I am new to EP so treat me well.

Umm, I alway have really, really realist dreams. For example, I took a really hard test in one of my classes, I will have a dream of getting an A or really good grade. I will then go on to be extrodinaraly happy and wake up such, thinking that I actually got such a good grade. Then I will relized shortly after that it is not true and I really got like a C or D when I get the test back. It is a rollercoaster and it ALWAYS HAPPENS!!

         There are other dreams were the emotion from the dream will roll over to real life and I will wake up in such a state of fear, anger or happyness. I just don't understand.

Tearofanangel Tearofanangel
5 Responses Mar 19, 2009

mmm but the problem is that the dreams don't always come true :P but thank you for the advice and comments :D

you have a seer anointing. You are meant to receive revelation through dreams and visions. Pray for Jesus to speak to you in your dreams. You will be surprised. :)

Great advice! Thanks

when i wake up from a bad dream i will write it down on a peice of paper what ever it is that i dreaming about i never see that dream again.

Sometimes my dreams effect my whole day.I tend to dream about things I am in question about like not knowing the out come.Iwill have an out come in my dream and some are very upseting.I'm glad when I wake up and it's not real.I really like this topic!