Red Head Curly Matrix Guy

I live in town homes with a courtyard in the middle with a lamp that goes off after 7 or 8 PM, and these kids keep on climbing on it. Then recently, it fell down because another one had jumped on it and had to be removed. So in the middle of the night after I get back from something, (Party, Store, whatever.) It's pitch dark and gives you a terrible feeling! Then when I fell asleep, I had a dream I had met this guy (21 years old?) He was creepy. He had red curly hair wrapped up in a bun, his clothes were kinda like the ones in the matrix. (Long black coat, black pants,) He had small round glasses that hung at the end of his nose. From what I remember, His name was Alverin.
So anyway, I saw Alverin talking to one of the neighbor kids so I went up to him to say hello. He tells me about a major cult event is gonna happen so it does. (in my dream.) 2 days went by (I am still asleep here!!!) and I try to Email him to tell him it happened, then I run outside into the pitch black courtyard and I can kinda see Alverin acting suspicious trying to get into a car. I call his name a little but I find out I kinda lost my voice; Which I have no idea to why it happened.

He didn't hear me of course. So i stood there in the middle of the dark courtyard with the worst feeling EVER! I am completely shivering and it isn't cold. I see Alverin jumping up and down in the car and I hear a kid scream. Then I woke up. IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!    I had that guy in my mind worrying that this guy is real!
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Weird but cool and creepy.