Kind of Weird

This year I constantly dreamed that I am dating someone, always someone different than my ex-boyfriend (broke up a month ago). A few people of those I have no idea who they are, but some I know quite well and in the last dream I had, I dreamed I was dating a good friend (that is a girl) of my ex-boyfriend O_O She constantly asked me in my dream if I am attracted to her and told me that she loved me and followed me around. I am not friends with her at all, we never talked, I don't think she knows I exist, but I saw her. It was really weird and I felt bad for rejecting her so much XD...

Then in the last years I dreamed I was sleeping with my favourite actors O_O Or I was constantly getting lost in cities or houses. In my dreams I can go only forward, if I turn around and want to go back everything behind me has changed and that leads to me running around like an idiot, scared that I'm never going to find the road home... and I never find it in my dreams.

And very rarely I dream I travel. But everything is so abstract, I can not remember more than very few details and basicly what happened but without any image in my head. And I still can't go back. I am forbidden to return home, to my family and friends.

And I often dream I am rejected very rudely. Even by the people I love or I know they love me back. They push me away with all their power, and as usual I can not return. Other times I dream they are my closest friends and lovers. I don't know, it's weird.

And usually my dreams are in very pale colors or in very strong colors. And so abstract, I feel like I'm viewing everything through an oval.

I also dreamed a few times my mother died and her ghost floated around the house.
I usually have really weird dreams anyway. Once I dreamed I was hanging above an abys and everyone ran away and I was screaming for help, but nobody would help me. It was a 10 minute dream (I had fallen asleep looking at the clock and it was 10 PM when I fell asleep. When I woke up it was sharp 10:10 PM.)
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Sounds like you have very vivid dreams. I travel a lot in my dreams too. Often to the same dream settings that I have visited before in my dreams but are not places I've been in reality. It really makes me wonder about past lives or other universes. How do I have these mental maps of places I've never been and that as far as I can tell don't exist here on earth?