A Dream Beyond Anything I've Had Before

I will never forget this dream I had one night. 

I was watching a middle aged man as he was searching for a woman, who I later learned was his daughter, at a very luxurious hotel in the middle of nowhere.  He meets one of his old friends and asks him to help search for her and they split up.  He meets several people throughout the hotel in his search too.  I distinctly remember that this very "introduction" was in a vague colored format, and as soon as moonlight came through the clouds in the sky, everything turned black and white and that the form of the moon changed every time it went behind clouds.

But the strangest thing was that this had multiple endings.  7 to be exact!  It always restarted where this man was calling out her name which could never be heard, and then it would cut away after who knows how long of a time, and show me a different ending as to what might have happened.

The endings ranged widely, from a suicide bombing to forever searching, a fencing battle to a first person gun battle, and more.  I remembered it all so vividly when I woke up that I wrote it all down but not once have I ever had something like this happen before.

Anyone else ever have a dream with multiple endings?

silentcause silentcause
22-25, M
1 Response Oct 28, 2009

The moon changing seems to be the representation of passing time. The multiple endings is actually pretty easy... each ending is giving you a different perspective to show you the very same thing. You have to determine what each ending had in common.... that she could not be found? You are in this dream. If you are male you are likely the searcher, if you are female, likely the daughter. You might want to consider what you ARE missing. Whatever it is, you seem to consider time is passing and no matter how hard you fear you will be stopped from finding it. The dream wish seems to be.... NOT finding what you are looking for.