Drinking, Flying, And Fandom

I dream about everything. I drink without getting drunk, I pick my feet off the floor and hover, and I know just how I would stretch out in the air and just start to take off. I dream about people I like, and I dream about people I haven't seen in years.
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same here, i dream about a girl i havent seen in 8 years and i miss her so much, we were the best of friends

I love dreaming,i have lot of fun doing it,i even go to bed extra early sometimes =)<br />
Dreams for me are very powerful,sometimes i will have good control,sometimes not.<br />
I can also fly ,hover,make things move or float with my mind in the astral,even a Cadillac lol.Ive driven Ferrari's in the astral a few times,feels way faster than anything ive ever been in.<br />
<br />
I think Ive met my guide,he was a small,old,hunched looking man with a big natural walking stick and wearing a tattered brown robe and he had wild grey hair.he told me to continue my spiritual journey then touched my chest,i then felt what sounds like kundalini,a massive rush of energy going up through me from the ground.i now feel that feeling alot in every day life though not as intense,its more like a sudden,very strong rush of goosebumps and a weird flow feeling.<br />
<br />
the first time i had this feeling i was asleep about two weeks after my father passed away,i was young,only 6.in the middle of a deep sleep my i found myself becoming conscious and my eyes snapped open,im sure it was around 1:30 in the morning.don't know how but i just knew.(ive always had a good sense of time)my dad was hovering above me,though he looked not as i remember him.he was wearing leather and had big black boots on.he also had chains around his wrists and ankles fading off into nowhere.he was in a motorcycle gang called the grim reapers a fair while before i was born,he had settled down by the time i came along.<br />
anyway,i had not seen him before he died and i did not get to say goodbye.when i saw him he had a very serious look on his face then told me this:"STAND THE FACE OF JUSTICE" even typing this im getting the goosebumps sensation.<br />
I think i know what it means.<br />
Ive seen my dad a few times in my dreams since then which is always nice,its like hes not fully gone.<br />
<br />
sorry this is a bit side tracked from what i originally was going to type about <br />
<br />
I have had some very significant experiences on the astral,(way too many to type about now,they'd be very long and almost incomprehensible to the average mind,incomprehensible as in,if i told people they'd probably think im crazy)If what i gather from my experiences,combined with my numbers in numerology (11/2 soul urge and 33/2 personalty with an 8 destiny) and my astrological chart, then I am something very unusual...almost frightening.I am not going to say what.lets just say i feel i have the perfect conditioning for making a significant impact on changing life as we know it on this planet<br />
<br />
If anyone on is interested in the experiences Ive had in the astral/consciously going into the astral including seeing a very clear image of a face in my mind .A face with a line down the middle,one half human,one half alien.<br />
<br />
just ask,ill type up a thread when i have time.<br />
<br />
sorry,i got a little carried away there,hope its not too off topic haha

I used to fly a lot in dreams and had a lot of control. I still have considerable control in my dreams, which now I don't really exercise much. I like to see what happens. My dream life is rich, scary,wonderful and I love it.

Well that is a gift indeed, astral travel, clearly and with out hesitation, your spirit is having a ball outside yer body, many questions can be answered when one is able to do this, you can ask to see a loved one or your guide, (who is with you all the time) and get answers to questions you have about life. Keep in mind many times they speak to you through thoughts, we look for them to SAY something but try to feel what they are trying to tell you. Hope it helps! CindySue