I had a dream where i was at this wedding at a camp site where heaps of families i know go for holidays. I was talking to a guy i lead sunday school with, who's in uni. He was doing music at this wedding. Then he went to leave, but was going past the more ritzy version of the campsite next door (doesnt exist in real life). He borrowed my family's car (which was a different colour to real life), and went to drive home. As he was leaving, his girlfriend wound down the window and said "don't forget that synthesizer", and i was like "sure, no problem". Then we were somehow back home, and next to the community library there was a huge McDonalds, where there used to be a daycare place. And me and my friends from youth group went  in to Maccas. They just had cups sitting in a drink machine, so we got cups, and the machine filled our cups with nuggets and chips (apparantly this was normal) and since they didnt ask us to pay, we went outside. One of my friends, this girl, was going round like a reporter asking loads of questions. Eventually the music guy and his girlfriend turn up in my (wrong colour) car and say "hey, dont forget to deal with that synthesizer", and i said "no problem", so they left. Then a leader from my youth group and his wife turned up from the supermarket across the road. He didnt quite get the parking spot, so he drove out, around the turning circle next to maccas, and did a figure 8 powerslide into the spot. It was incredible. They got food and left. My dad went home, my family were in maccas, all my friends left. Except this girl who was asking questions. She was heaps upset all of a sudden, and i put my arm around her to comfort her, sitting on the library steps. She turned and hugged me and it turns out she was just asking the questions to find out about me. She was trying to hit on me. Now I like this girl as a friend, but this was weirding me out, not what i wanted, even in such a strange dream. So i was trying to think of a way  to tell her i wasnt interested in dating her, but i didnt want to hurt her or make her too upset, and i was freaking out. Then i woke up. Weird huh?

ba56 ba56
18-21, M
Feb 12, 2010