A Double Date, Jealousy And An Apple Slink Machine...somehow...

This was about 6 months back, just after me and my then girlfriend had been on a double date with two good friends. It was weird because my friend's gf was ignoring him a bit. So he was real quiet. Then she left and the 3 of us were good. But In this dream, it was the same thing.

The four of us were there, walking around on the street that was a combo of 3 streets around our houses.  Then my friend got frustrated and just ran off ahead. I thought "what an idiot, he's hurt his girlfriend really bad now", and felt sorry for her. While i was still holding my gf's hand, i put my arm around the other girl and gave her a shoulder squeeze just to be a good friend. My gf was refusing to console her, so i was trying to be nice. So my gf got pissed at me, and said "who's boyfriend are you anyway?" and runs off. So here's me, just trying to be a friend who doesn't let their friends get hurt, and my gf runs off. So i try to go after her, but this other girl won't let go of me. And so i was saying "just let go, I'll come back, but i don't want my girlfriend to leave, she's jealous, just let me explain". But no. So i eventually got free and told her to come along, and then turned and ran to catch up with my girlfriend. I caught up with her just as she went into an italian restaurant. It was heaps old style, like wood oven, stone walls, rough wooden tables, bowls and cutlery of wood and stone, a kinda Mediterranean mood, all lit by candles and flame torches. She went into the back, and i followed. When i got there the chef was showing her some weird machine that looked kinda like one of those apple slinky machines. An dthen it ended.

ba56 ba56
18-21, M
Feb 13, 2010