There's Almost Always A Train In My Dreams. Is There Any Explanation?

Hi everyone.

my first post.

I experience often dreams with very realistic sensations that I can feel even after I wake up, but I keep wandering about something.

Almost always there are trains around. The trains are not in the center of the dreams, but they are almost always there.

I dream as if I am travelling by train to somewhere, and there I interact with people or friends. The main sense of the dream is about the friends or the people I interact, but I'm always either on a train, either a trains is passing by, either I get down from a train or waiting for one... Even when the dream is not happening by a railroad, but in the yard of my house, for example, even there a train passes by, even though there are no rails.

It's from years now that I don't travel by train. The last time was 6 years ago and the time before that maybe was 3 before... so, two times in nine years.

I have no train stations around, i use a car to travel where I need. I have no relative that has any connection with trains.

When I was young in my hometown (looks like another life) I have traveled often with trains. But till I was 14 or smth, now I'm 28, and the dreams have been only in the 4-5 last years. I used to travel with friends to the beach or just for fun, without a ticket... we used to hide from the controller till the first next station, where we changed trains and turned back home. There's nothing that unusual that can keep haunting me in my dreams today.

The only somewhat unusual episode is when I was very maybe 5 years old, I remember (vague memories) that I was traveling with my mother and she had a dispute with a very rude man (about the seats I think) who threatened to "throw her and her kid (me) from the window if she wouldn't shut up and go away." Obviously I got scared and my mother too, and she moved to the next cabin, but I had completely forgotten this memory and only now it turned back. As I said, the dreams started in the las 4-5 years or so, I don't think there's any connection.

I have dreams that I can remember after being awake, almost every three months.

Does this have any kind of explanation by those who study sleep and dreams?

Thank you.

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I don't believe that dreams are symbolic. I don't know where the trains come from, but I doubt they mean anything. I hate when people analyze dreams and say, "oh that must symbolize something going on in your real life, an emotion." Their tone can be influenced by emotions, but I don't think that the ob<x>jects in the dream are necessarily symbolic, that's reading too much into it.

you know... i think you might be taking the dream too literally... having a train in your dreams all the time doesn't imply that you have been on one recently etc.<br />
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It might mean that you are constantly feeling that your life is on the move.. or you are on the move... it might mean that you feel that you keep climbing from one station to another in your life without settling and having some stability.<br />
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I don't know you, but I know that is what a train would mean for me. I also have some recurring themes in my dreams and I was always very fascinated by what I dreamt. It was always very real and I sometimes wake up in the morning still feeling the emotions I had in the dream. Sometimes I stand in the shower and I am still crying over what I dreamt!<br />
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Think about what I said... does it make sense? Maybe a train means something else to you? You have to try and find the meaning in your own life's context. A train might symbolise something completely different for you.