A Weird And Macabre Dream. :(

Some time ago I dreamt I was in a very luxury apartment, sleeping with my girlfriend. (we were looking for a house at that time and dreaming about luxury ones is normal I guess.) The apartment was really big and the ceiling was high, so high that even the bed was like a big cube, 2-3 meters of height, and you had to climb some kind of stairs or steps to go there. All around, the walls were of glass and you could see the other luxury buildings outside. I went near the glass wall (or window) because from the next building, people were out in the balconies throwing some white things that looked like diamonds. They kept throwing a lot on the pavement below and I was thinking I could get rich by collecting only some, but wanted to make sure by looking carefully against the window (or glass wall) if they really were what they looked like, and not pieces of shattered glass. Suddenly I heard some noise behind me and turned around. On the high bed I saw the wide open arm of someone with a knife in his punch, ready to stab my girlfriend. I yelled and climbed on the bed, and he ran off after hitting her hard. I didn't pay attention to him but ran to my girlfriend who was bleeding hard from the neck, trying to stop the blood with her hands and choking in suffering pain. I added my hands to stop the bleeding, terrified and desperate as watching her choking. She finally let her hand go and stopped trembling, and I noticed a hole in her neck, and my hand wasn't where the wound was. I hadn't stopped her bleeding at all and I felt very very very guilty, desperate and angry. Sensation I felt clearly after I woke up and I can remember even today. I climbed down the high bed and looked in the other rooms for the guy who did this. I found him opening a drawer and searching something, with his back turned to me. I was so angry that I kicked him in the head, and his head banged at the sharp corner of the wooden dresser that he was opening. I was full of anger and didn't stop kicking his head to that wooden corner, until he was unconscious and his face was full of red beating marks. In that moment i felt not only anger, but even fear that he could wake up and harm me too. I was more embarrassed from the feeling of fear, and felt guilty about it, because I felt i should feel only anger for my girlfriend and no fear. Fear, emarrassement and anger mixed and I wanted him dead, so I grabbed his head with both my hands and forcefully turned it in his left side, until a heard the neck bones cracking. That crack made me shiver of disgust and fear... normal reactions to something gruesome, but I couldn't stop. I kept forcing his head to the left until I heard to other cracks of the bones of his neck. I still couldn't stop myself and forced his head to the other side, on the right. But fear was getting stronger than anger. After the first crack of the bones of his neck, when I was forcing it to the right, I let him go and ran out the building, horrified and wanting to escape. But the door led me to a kind of big balcony, where I couldn't find any stairs to get down on the street. I could see peaceful and beautiful people in the other big and wide balconies, and a train passing in a railroad nearby, but couldn't find a way to go to them and get out of there. Wandering around, I finally found some kind of wooden stairs held by ropes that connected two balconies, and a group of beautiful people on the other balcony invited me to go there, but as soon that I put my feet on those stairs, they shook and cracked like they would fall down with my weight. So i couldn't walk and felt desperate, watching how they invited me. And at this point I woke up with all those feelings very real, still inside me, all the anger, guilt and fear. I checked my peacefully sleeping girlfriend and thanked God it was just a nightmare, but it's the worst I've ever had. horro(and longest, :-) sorry for that  ) It's weird because I'm not the violent type of guy, I don't like horror movies or gore scenes. I change channel. But this was terrible.

odemomei odemomei
26-30, M
Feb 15, 2010