Weirdest Paranormal Dreams Ever

Okay well this started happening recently, since i changed my religion to Pagan/wicca

its so hard to describe but il try my best to, basicly when im in a deep sleep im fully aware im dreaming and il talk to people sometimes close friends , other times ghosts, other times people i dont no . But i no it is something more than just a dream see i dont actually see anything my dream is just pitch black or im actually in some sort of trance state and i know what theyre saying to me through my head , like if you think of a sentence you want to say to someone in your head the other person hears it and replies and i hear that too,  its hard to explain coz i dont actually hear it aloud i just know somehow what theyre saying inside my head . Sometimes i can close my eyes and within seconds il be in this weird trance state able to talk to the people aswell as just in a deep sleep.   I know one other friend who has this too, but no one else, would be nice if someone had it too or knows anything about what it could be . I duno im probably just weird :P

venus9 venus9
18-21, F
Feb 19, 2010