I was in the house I grew up in, in the mountains of NC.  It was very dark cloudy and stormy outside.  I was there with my brother and my mother was in the living room.  I looked out the window and saw a huge bolt of lightning blow one of the mountains apart.  Flaming hot rocks started raining from the sky and coming through the ceiling.  I picked up a bit of soggy particle board to shield myself from the debris.  I tried to find something to shield my brother from the debris, but he didn't care about what was happening.  He just sat and let it happen and didn't try to protect himself.  I couldn't see my mom, but she didn't call to us and I had a feeling that she was in the same state as my brother.  At some point the rain of rocks stopped and I looked out the window again.  The sky was clearing in one direction towards the mountains but in the other direction it was still very dark and above the house there was a giant black cloud.  It was a ring shape and it was spinning, writhing... like a snake eating its tail.  A grey funnel cloud began to emerge from its center and came down very slowly into the den.  It got of a certain size and then just spun there like a giant oval.  I was very afraid.  I knew I had to get out of there but I half felt it was too late.  I was trying to get my brother to run with me.  I was going to bust out the bedroom window and jump out of it and run.  He didn't care.  He wouldn't come with me.  I started to hear some music, like someone singing acapella, and then the same voice multiplied in a sort of off-harmony singing the same syllable in different pitches.  Very melodramatic and very wierd.  Amid this otherworldly music, I thought I sensed something inside the cloud.  I backed up as it began to move.  I knew it was too late.  I woke up screaming, my heart was beating so fast.  My first lucid thought was "Is God angry with me?"  I turned to my boyfriend for comfort but he didn't stir.

spelunker spelunker
26-30, F
Feb 19, 2010