The Cavern Of Time

I am among a group of explorers, who find a cave, leading down into a vast cavern. On a cave wall, I see what looks like a fuse box & pull a lever underneath it. A light comes on, revealing a huge room filled with an ancient ruin. On the opposite side of the room, in a corner, a vision appears of a man and woman, in Greco-Roman style clothing, riding a golden chariot, drawn by two white horses. But they sparkle then fade in skeletons and into nothing, leaving only the ruins of a chariot. By the wall a young woman sits, in the same period costume. She also sparkles as she fades into a skeleton, then nothing. Then the vision of a bearded man in a toga appears. He tells of a great civilization which stood here thousands of years ago then collapsed. A few times he pauses, letting us think he’s finished & we start to leave, but he started speaking again. In conclusion, he tells of a demon he befriended & expresses that he doesn’t believe he is responsible for this destruction.


We spread out thru different halls in the cavernous system. Here & there, we find people, in different period dress, in a state of partial stasis. Their whole beings shine a shimmering white. We decide to gather them together into one place until we can find out what we can do for them. Among them, in one hall, I see visions of members of our own group who had disappeared. They appear in a state of panic & vanish. I see one elderly woman crying out,"Guys! Guys! Allaaaaaaaaaa!" then vanish. At first, I think she is Muslim & calling out to Allah. But then a dinosaur, I recognize as an allosaurus, comes stomping thru. It stomps on several people, crushing them, but then as if time reverses, their injuries are undone.


A long period of time later, I return to this cavern in a business suit. I am authorized by my employer to come in once a week & gather data. The place is bustling with people with papers and computers. One woman says that she’s having a problem with one of the computers. I join a few others, gathering around to see what the problem is & how we can help.

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3 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Myuu: Nothing I read or watch influences my dreams. It could be a jumble of bits & pieces of many things I've seen over the years. The subconscious is irrational. I do record my dreams with the hope of begin inspired to write stories based on them.

quite a long dream, they rarely last that long. this really is quality stuff though, seems like the makings of a bad science fiction/fantasy Speaking of which, did you watch a lot of movies or read a lot of books with plots simalar to this on the day before the dream? because I see a lot of generic, not unheard of, but illogically ordered plot points in this dream, thrown together randomly in a way that there is no explanation for them, but it feels like you would see it in a movie and there would be explanations.

Thanks for sharing :D these forums about dreams are starting to be kinda desert and I'm glad to see that some people still dream Haha!