The Sunny Wheatfield

First, imagine the most beautifull wheatfield you ever saw. You are running around in there. As you look behind you to see if your black Labrador Jack is still following you (and he is), you notice your house behind you and it is really small because you are far away from home now. There is a lot of wind but you can still fell the hot weather of the summer on your face. You feel happy, you feel free. As you run, you can see the dog running faster than you, trying to get to that clearing located at the end of the field and then you lose sight of him. As you don't want to lose your good four-legged friend, you start yelling his name : JACK! ..... JAAACK!..... JACK COME HERE! but he doesn't come back. As you arrive in front of the woods, you start looking around for your dog but you have no clue where it went. Suddenly, your good days starts getting a really bad days. The sun starts to set. It's getting colder and darker and you feel really alone, far from everything. Even if you are worried about your dog, you decide to go back home because you are starting to feel really sick and as you turn back, you see an immobile dark figure, about 25 feets from you, starring at you. this black *Thing* looks like a man but it is really thin and tall, like about 8 feets tall. You can see the sky turning dark red as the dark man starts coming your way. You want to flee, you absolutely want to run faster than you ever did before but you can't. The fear is blocking your legs, your arms, and it gets harder to breathe. All you can do is cry, because you don't even have the power to yell anymore. You are stuck here and you know nothing will get you out there, not even Jack. When the dark thing gets nearby you, you harden all your stressed muscles and you close your eyes, knowing this is be the end and finaly, when nothing happens, you open your eyes back and you see that that thing is gone and the sun is coming back in the field. You can see your dog Jack running back at you and you wake up in your bed.

I hope I won't get too many dreams like that I must say that I got a bit scared haha


nighthowler nighthowler
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

Sounda like a protection thing. But you should buy some books on dreams. 3000 Dreams Book is a good is by Lady Sternburgen and a gentlemen I can't call the name of...Hugs, LW