Well, my bestie and I were at someone's wedding reception. I don't know who, just some random people. We were just standing there talking when I saw that what I thought was a table actually was her body with a white sheet over it. Now, it sounds like it makes no sense, but I pulled the sheet away and she was a centaur! She had silver hooves and darkest brown hair. In her hair were streaks of purple. I was confused when I felt weird. So I looked in a nearby mirror and saw I was a centaur too! I was similar, except my hooves were golden and I had medium-brown hair. I also had green straks in my hair. That's when I woke up.

And I don't know if this had anything to do with it, but a few weeks-months later my bff and I went horseriding. She got a dark brown coloured horse and I got a medium brown, so that was prett cool/weird/ironic...I think it's mostly ironic.

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You saw you were a centaur and didn't realize you were dreaming? Well, that happens, strange as it seems when you're awake. Try to be more conscious though, do reality checks in real life. That obvious weirdness ought to have triggered a lucid dream, and after becoming lucid you can pretty much do whatever you want, free from consequences and laws of physics. <br />
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Eh, but I'm dumb to act like an expert on lucid dreams, I try but rarely figure out I'm dreaming, and when I do I always wake up before I can make fun use of the knowledge that I'm dreaming.