Where Did The Dead Babies Come From?

I had a dream the other night, that my next door neighbour was out in her garden.  We were walking around, as we do - and then she handed me a dead baby. I screamed, and she kept on saying to me 'take it, just take it - I don't want it'. It wasn't just one dead baby, there were babies. One after another..like wtf?

Littlemisssomebody Littlemisssomebody
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4 Responses Feb 27, 2010

i cant say i dont get really dreams somtimes

what?? it was just a dream... it's not like I do it in real life!!

Strangely enough, I have had one of these "dead baby" dreams before too. I am not sure what it exactly means even though I am pretty well versed in dream lore. I know the garden around your house represents your safe area and the life around your house is whatever life is around you. Did you see anything specific in the garden besides dead babies? Specific flowers etc? That could help. Do you have any kids? If not it could mean that your body wants you to have one so that all the life around you can have a living baby instead of a dead or nonexistent one.

* insert dead baby jokes here* .. No seriously that's weird haha