Help Me

I've been having the same dreams since I was 5. a man that wasn't human calls me and I'm crying he says stop crying your not suppose to cry in front of a man princess then he slams me on the floor and rips at my skin and clothes.He force me to have sex with him then he would beat me because he says I'm cheating on him I tell him no daddy I won't cheat on you. when I awoke from the dreams with un explainable scratches, bruise,and marks, where they shouldn't be and where I can't reach such as my private area back my stomach. I'm now 19 and it is starting to get worst every since I got pregnant with my son P lease help me I'm starting to get scared
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 1, 2010

This never happened in real life. I have been to several doctors including a therepist none could explain the scratches and bruises the priest suggested mental illiness and told me demons were metaphors he completely ingored my marks