Can You Help Me , With What My Dream Meant ?

Yesterday Night I had a dream i just woke up so i decided to write about it Okey  , Its a weird Dream But This is what Happend : 

I got cocaine from someone but i did not sniff it, I swallowed it , It Looked like we were in a movie theture when i say we i was with my bestfriend , then i got high it felt cool , but anyways then i wanted more so i went into my pocket 

But It turned into These Hard Pink Candies ., so i ate those and got high . i was walking down the ally behind my house. and i was tipsy and fa;lling everywhere , and anyways so i went to my back yard into my house. and it was around 7:00 pm not to late but then my bestfriends brother was there and his friends but not my best friend So I went to my bathroom and my face would not go forward , it wouldt turn so i couldt clearly see myself in the mirror then i saw my other friend in a convinient store or something and he asked if i was high. That was my dream what does it mean ? 

Please Help . 

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

I've Never actually been high on drugs <br />
But i was watching this show while i was upset <br />
about people taking drugs and there life seemed ''better''<br />
But im not sure if that triggered anything.<br />
Thank-you for your comment though.

Well, dreams don't always have meaning. I think that's a myth. <br />
<br />
But an important question is, have you ever been high on drugs in real life? I've never been on drugs, but I don't think you can feel something in a dream that isn't simply a memory of a real feeling, which is resurrected for use in the illusory realm of your dreams. An example of this is a weird dream where a chiropractor gave me a massage through the television, but I'd never had a real massage, so the feeling was a replica of what I'd felt sitting in a real-life vibrating massage chair.<br />
<br />
If you haven't been high actually, than I don't know how this dream is possible or what would cause it, unless you've been tempted by thoughts of drugs recently, and/or have had weird, similar dizzy feelings for other reasons in the past. But I doubt there's symbolism to it, I don't hold with that theory about dreams.