I Have Had Lots Of Weird Dreams For Nearly Most Of My Life

So I guess I'll share imagary of last night dream -  random bits that stood out most. My dreams tend to be crazy so bear with me. :P


One aspect is where me and my Mom were shopping in a Supermarket which I think was ASDA (ASDA is a British owned by Walmart). It had a lot of everything except bread. We could only get a couple of loaves so we asked the staff. They said they were baking a batch but we could only have a certain type: bread buns. Suddenly there was a huge container being settled. Amazingly enough the container was actually being settled by a huge dragon. ^_^ How crazy is that? It lifted the container away and there was a lot of bread (but not a huuuuge amount). We took what we needed and left. :P


Then we leave and my Mom disappears. Then I'm dreaming I'm somewhere else. I can see 3 or 4 Dutch Windmills in a field full of dutch flowers. This is just scenery but looks pretty. But I'm not in the Netherlands (so moving on from the windmills). I'm in the United States and I have to fly home the day after but first President Obama is going to make a speech and I had to go see. The weather was bad so it was to be moved indoor to a sports complex. Time seems to be lagging though and no President. We kept waiting. His audience finally dwindled down to a very few, but then a friend from my college appeared and said Gandalf had appeared somewhere else in the complex.


I woke up that point kind bemused. :P


There was heck of a lot more in my dream and there usually is.


So yeah that's typical.

outofphase outofphase
26-30, F
Mar 3, 2010