Just A Few Dreams

Here's just a smidgeon of the dreams I have had this week:

  • I dreamt  I was shot twice in the back by a gunman. I peeked out of a door into the hallway where he was then quickly hid back inside of the room behind the door. He soon came into the room and came straight for me, shooting me twice in the lower spine. I actually FELT the gun shots as I was sleeping. In my dream I was happy to be shot because I thought I would get painkillers.

  • I dreamt I was on an MTV reality show set inside of an indoor water park. As the other members of the show introduced themselves, the host came into the main room with a cat in a birdcage. There was a hole on the cage big enough for the cat to stick his head through. The host said the cat was in charge for the day, then the cat tried to escape the cage through the hole. Soon the cat was stuck, and before I could do anything I woke up.

Nearly every night I have these bizarre dreams. I hate them.

hopelesstx hopelesstx
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 3, 2010

You should have blasted him with force lightning, or otherwise destroyed him. No one should mess with you in your dream! Of course, you can't do crazy things like that if you don't know that you're dreaming. (It can happen, though whenever I figure out I'm dreaming I always wake up before I can do anything awesome, and it's a shame.) Strange how weird dreams can be without you figuring out that you're dreaming, and then you marvel at this when you wake up. For shame, I've read about lucid dreams and they seem awesome. But I digress, sorry if this rant really wasn't relevent to your dream.