Today At School....

Today during that TAKS test, I fell asleep. While sleeping, I dreamt that my math teacher was my ex-girlfriend. But she was really Amy from Futurama, and I was Fry. But the dream was in flashes of animation and reality. It was very bizaar.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

I'm with you! I have the oddest dreams! I kind of like them actually. Just the weirdness of it all. Oh, One did freak me out though quite sime time ago. Please read on!.<br />
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I was a kid then, I had dreampt I was lost in a closed clothing store, & as I'm walking around, all the mannequins heads rotated to follow me walking by.<br />
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And, ejordan; to this day certain type doll's eyes "bother" me. The Victorian Age style dolls people use for decorations? ....OMG!, the eyes follow me!

I know I'm way late on replying to this. I read back when you posted it, but I've been going through my stories and just read it again, and that is so creepy. Those same dolls bother me because of some movie I saw as a child where the doll wouldn't die or something. I'm not sure. I can't stand dolls though.