The Strangest Dream I've Ever Had

I had a dream that a dark hooded firgure was raping a young woman that he had just tortured. This woman was falling apart. Her skin was missing. Her bones were exposed in places. The hooded figure laughed at her and told her that he was impressed at how long she was holding out without begging for death. He said that compared to how quickly her sister had given up, she was quite impressive. The dream then flashed back to when the man under the hood raped and killed the current victims sister. He was right, she hadn't held out long. Then the dream skipped forward to about nine years in the future. The hooded man had been keeping the woman barely alive, so she could bear his children and continue to be his tortured love slave. The resulting offspring were starved to near death for the entire time. The rape victim had born about five kids. The man then released the kids into the room where their tortured mother lay, only half alive. The man then told the children to eat her, and starving as they were, they chowed down, ripping the woman limb from limb so they could knaw on the little bit of meat the degenerate woman had left.

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2010

I agree with juicebuggy!!!


I'll say like everyone says to me when I do a dream like that, you watch too many movies :P

Holy s**t that's f**ked up.