For as long as I could remember, my dreams have always been weird. =p

But, something weirder... before I began to dream, at the point where I'm just drifting off toward dreamland... i hear whispers. Sometimes it is the female voice, talking in rushed whispers. Or it's an male voice, in whispers. Sometimes, it's both, each one talking turns in whispers. Or sometimes they are speaking simultaneously, in each of my ear. The words are foreign and I never know what they are saying. But a few seconds later, it is gone and I'm into a dream, as usual. ^_^

I'm just use to it, by now. It doesn't scare me, like it use to, when I was a kid. I do wonder who they are and what they're trying to say to me. >_>

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3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Yes, I'm sure the Angels are there to protect you!

Yeah... that's my guess too. Maybe "Spirit Guides"? I don't know... whatever the case, I only hear their voices when I drift off to sleep... so I know that I'm not far gone yet... ^_~

I have never heared this one. My guess is that it is male and female Angels telling you thet were there to watch over you...DD