Strange Dreams Indeed.

Alright, so I used to have very strange dreams, and I miss them, they were refreshing, fastinating, and gave me something to ponder during my waking hours. These days I can't even remember my dreams, but it's only a matter of time before I do eh? Let me tell you a bit about the dreams that I used to have. I have had two very vivid dreams where I am hanging out with a few aliens (the greys), the first dream that I had about them, well, I woke up sweaty and my body was sore, I was thirsty, my mind was reeling with what had happened during the dream and whilst awake also, I  woke with a puncture wound on my left inner thigh, looked like a huge needle had been inserted. That morning I picked up a pen and paper and started drawing symbols and suddenly it dawned on me, what am I doing? What if someone sees this? So I trashed the paper. I really wanted to tell someone that in my dream, I was given two tidbits of what would happen in the future, a week later they both came true, and I was left wishing very much that I had written my story down before it happened. There are many details that I choose not to share about my experiences, but I am willing to give you an idea of the wierd dreams that I've had. The second dream about the greys was that we seemed to be on cruise control looking out the panoramic window of the space ship, I was in awe because I knew that what I was going thru that moment wasn't normal, the greys I was hanging out with seemed nice, one said that the small lump that I had near my hairline was a tumor, and asked me if I'd like him to remove it, I said yes of course, and the next morning, my lump was gone, with me left wondering what the heck happened to it, thinking of legitimate answers to the question I was left puzzled.

I've also had a dream of talking to Jesus and God at the same time, Jesus was in the foreground maybe 5 feet away from me and God was the light in the background and the way it sounded was like God was speaking with and through Jesus, we were talking like regular people, then Jesus said something that made me feel very ashamed, something truthful that I couldn't handle and I really feel as though I ended the conversation and immediately woke up wide awake with the memory fresh in my mind.

When I was younger I used to have a lot of dejavu, I don't have them as much, but it's usually when something bad is going to happen I'll dream about it, and when I realize that the dream is coming into fruition then I'll either pray about it or do something to alter the outcome.  The dejavu's used to get me worried, because I never heard about anyone else having as much as I used to. It got to the point where I could tell if a dream was going to become a dejavu because of the vividness of them.

A lot of the time I would have dreams that took place in places I've never seen, with people I've never met. There have been several recurring dreams, in one of them I am in the old Egyptian times and in different dreams I choose what I want to do. Another recurring dream is that I am in the military with lots of people around my age, and I try to escape because the highest ranking ones are evil and I during each dream I try a different escape route, in one of them a stranger helps me to choose the right way, but there are two men sent to kill me and they know where I am because they have a tracking device on me. I almost wish I had the patience to give the details, but alas, I shall write more at a later time.

I've even had dreams that I am hesitant to share, even with EP, because they are just so strange, I will give you an idea though, just to be fair. Read Exodus of the Bible, I've had dreams of being in the main character's shoes (or sandals I should say..) and upon reading Exodus myself, I was blown away, because a lot of what happens in there, I have dreamt about.

Strange dreams indeed.

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Hmm..dinos eh? Yeah, anything can happen when the subconcious reigns during the wee hours of the Once I dreamed I died and went up a tunnel into heaven, there was a guy who said that I could visit but couldn't stay, I was like "Sure! That sounds alright" he walked with me and we came near some groups of people sitting and talking to eachother, then they started staring and murmuring and I heard someone say "What's SHE doing here?" I was shocked, and it made me feel like crap, so I said to my guide, I don't want to be here if this is how people are going to be, the guide put his arm on my shoulder and we talked away, he was trying to console me but I still felt bad and that's when I woke up. Well, oh well.

I hear you on the strange dreams and being afraid to tell people about them. I haven't had any really soothsaying dreams in a long while, but I do get really paranoid every time certain things appear in my dreams. For me, it seems like dinosaurs always appear in the dreams that are about to come true.<br />
<br />
Don't know why.