Dreams Of Battling With Snakes

I dreamt that I was amongst a group of 4 other backpackers, we were visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia. We were on some kind of adventure tour but it felt empty like a typical tourist trail and each of us longed to find something more there. Suddenly a rapid tide of water swept us through the chambers there. It was dark, I was not afraid and no one screamed. There were two snakes swept out with me. Small orange and black. One snake bit me but I was not angry as I knew that the snake was lost too in the tide. The other snake was washed up, still alive on the bank and watched for the other snake.

The following evening (in real life) I have another dream and it includes snakes only they are yellow and green. I am in an unfamiliar terrain and one small snake crawls from a bag lying on the floor. Soon there are many snakes swarming the place. I sense my only option is to kill them or be injured myself. Strangely I know what to do. I sense their threat to myself and other humans located nearby.

I pick up a pen knife and slice them in half horizontally and they die but they are still swarming the place. In the dream, I remember seeing a poster of a jungle where only snakes live, they swam the whole jungle and own it. In the dream, I think that this must be such a strange place.

I find myself in a strange place, fighting off these snakes. Somehow I know I must find the Queen snake who is producing all this offspring. I find her and kill her and her new eggs forming into new snakes. I feel a sense of relief and calm is restored.

What do these dreams mean?

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Mar 10, 2010