Ever Fallen Inlove With A Figment Of Your Own Imagination?

Ima start my dream from the beginning. I dont remember much, But i remember being a priest and I was with another priest and a friend from high school who was helping us exercise spirits. Well my friend gets posessed and I drive the demon out of her. Her mom drives by and tells her she cant hang out with us anymore and drives off with her. Then im instantly transported somewhere ealse talking with about 3 people. one of which being a girl who was about my age. She had fair skin that felt like silk. wierd how i could feel it in a dream but anyways, brown shoulder length hair... straight, dark eyes, and a smile, man I aint ever seen a woman smile like that before. And we talked, i dont remember about what, and laughed and were just all around acting goofie. we were talkin about somethin and she pushed me, so i lightly pushed her back then she licked my cheek and giggles as i whipped it off. So i was like " o you think thats funny??" and i liked her cheek and we both laughed and she grabbed my had... Then I woke up. I hated wakeing up. And its wierd, that dream felt so real. I dont recognize the woman i saw in my dream... maybe its a future event? I have had dreams of things as a child and they happin a year or so later... but idk. I dought this is the case, I will never meet a woman so beautiful who is into the same things as i am... Im kinda sad now that i think back on it... but o well, I enjoyed that dream and thats all that matters. Its kinda silly tho, when i think back on it, i feel hot and like im turning red. i must be pretty weak minded LOL. i should stop, not like ill meet anyone like that anyways, its just a dream. All it is and all it will ever be xD

Krie Krie
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

Oh yeah I had dreams were i fall in love with the person. Were you jut want to be with the person and even see the "events" that made you so close to them. It does make you a bit sad thinking something like that might not be happening but keep your hopes up. Im sure youll find your dream person :)