I have Weird Eating Habits

first of all, i eat ervything cold and it drives everyone i know crazy. i'll order chinesse food or make a pizza, etc and i'll stick it in the fridge for 20 minutes. it started as a kid with cold hotdogs and pizza after a birthday party i had.

i love cooked ham, turkey, etc but i hate it as lunchin meat. i hate tomatoes but i love ketchup. hate spaghetti but love meatball subs.

i eat meat but i cant eat it if i see bones or i get sick.

i also, eat everything with sime kind of sauce. sweat and sours sauce on french fries, hamburgers, chicken, etc...ranch dressing on steak, chicken, etc....holandaise sauce on eggs, bagels, etc....cinnemon on toast....chicken burgers with coleslaw and bacon, cant eat anything plain other than pizza

so who's got some weird eating habits they want to share?
mike2121 mike2121
26-30, M
Apr 4, 2011