The Incen Diet Plan

When I am away at school, I happily eat anything within reach, often ridiculous amounts for someone who's 5'2''. My metabolism deals with it, though; to my knowledge, I've never cracked 115 pounds. I do love food, all kinds, from old standards to weird and exotic foods to things most people regard as disgusting. Generally, if I have a craving for it, I seek it out and eat it.

However, when I return home for winter and summer, I have no appetite for my mother's cooking. I sleep until at least 2 PM, and only eat dinner. Usually I can only choke downhalf a plate, even then. If I go to eat a snack before them, I'm chastised for not eating "something healthier" for my first meal of the day. If I go to make myself a post-dinner (that is, a second meal of the day) at 10 or 11, I'm chastised for eating "so soon before bed," even if I don't end up asleep until 5 AM. Of course, Mom's tireless crusade to keep me from getting fat works like a charm; I end up weighing as little as 95 pounds.

I should get a job, so I can afford food while I'm at home. I don't know, though; the diet-type-thing seems to work rather well.

I probably won't think that when I get home this summer. c;

incen incen
18-21, T
Mar 4, 2010