Too Many To Be Coincidence - I Think

I am starting this story over because another weird electrical thing happened . I was up to the penultimate weird thing when all my non-saved text vanished. Maybe it was my fault because I hit the delete key but I use that key to delete letters and the other keys in that area. So - what happened?

Anyway I made lunch and am starting over - one unhappy author. First I’m going to try to just list  the things and go back and fill in the blanks later.

Weird design of house:
This house does seem to have some weirdness built-in for which I can not blame The Woman Who… has an aura.
Light switch:
There is a tiny “L” shape corner between the entrance to my bedroom and the kitchen counter. The left side of  the alcove has one of the two light switches that control the living-room ceiling lights and it also has a working outlet. Nothing strange so far. But the right side has the strange light switch that activates nothing - at least nothing of which I’m aware.
Another light switch:
I have a small pantry off the bathroom. The lights for both pantry and bathroom are both in the  living-room, not in the bathroom nor pantry. But, when one goes into the pantry and looks around one sees a light switch ina most unusual place - over the door frame. Then when one flips that switch inside the pantry one finds it controls the bathroom ceiling lights. While I was writing the first version of this story I realized the light switch in the living-room for the bathroom was of the kind where two switches control one function. And instead of altering the switch or how it was wired, a second switch was installed but put in a place where it will not be used.
Non-functional outlet:
On the living room wall opposite the one with the functional outlet is an outlet that appears to be totally non-functional. No, it’s not turned on by the apparently non-functional wall switch in the alcove. Beats me.

Weird events:
Shortly after we (I and The Woman Who… has the aura AND came into my life only a couple of months earlier) moved to this strange house the electric griddle/skillet croaked, died, kicked the bucket.  As the Monty Python gang would say: “This griddle is dead” I open it up to see if I could fix it but a simple slide switch for off and on/temperature control and I could find nothing wrong with it except it wouldn’t work.
A little while later the radio/amplifier for my stereo system gave up the ghost. Don’t know but I feel the problem is in the on/off switch. Perhaps it was cooked by a power surge from a lightening strike but no other equipment in the house gave up the ghost at that same time. What can I say but use the GE clock-radio.
Camera chargers:
I may be cheating with one of these as I believe the charger for my camera started acting funny before I even met Ms. Aura but the one for my wife’s camera was working fine until we were established here. Now it doesn’t blink when it ought and the charge goes in quite slowly.
Now this is a really strange case. My old Pc first suffered indecision about the CD/DVD drive. It could not make up its mind about actually possessing such a drive but it was strongly leaning toward the idea that the drive was a figment of its imagination. Once it had that settled to its satisfaction it wanted to be sure if it had a sound card or not. Again, most of the time the PC felt  sound cardless.  Human investigated and said “A Virus.” Norton and Avast investigated, they both said no virus. Kitty said I don’t like that key top  about the tab while the hyphen key felt it was going to speak out as often as it wanted and whenever  it wanted.
Night stand lights:
I really need a nightstand light of some sort and I had one, a nice one with a three-way switch which worked fine with CFLs until it crapped out. The little knob that sticks out of the socket was not turning the electricals inside the socket. There was a night stand type light in the garage that wasn’t  being used so I swapped them (Hoping I guess that a miracle would happen and the switch would start working again). The replacement worked fine for a while, and a short while it was too as we have only been  here about two and a half years. Yes, after that while the replacement, too,  met its maker. Same problem, too; the switch didn’t rotate its electricals inside. However when this one turned up its toes I didn’t take it to Boot Hill; I just turned the light on or off by rotating the CFL inside the socket. They don’t get too hot to turn after being on for a while.
Coffee maker:
Had the coffee maker for a number of years and today, along with the kitchen light which is mentioned below it expired. Oh it tried hard to impress. Even though there is no control for getting the time to display in 24-hour format and the instruction mention no such function the valiant coffee maker fought the odds and displayed the time in 24-hour format. This brave machine, apparently on its last legs and burdened with the handicap by being unable to display the digit “2” in the left-most position. But that didn’t stop the stalwart coffee maker - it displayed a “0” or a  “1” when appropriate and ingenious itself displayed the top half of the “1” when a “2” would be appropriate. However today it apparently succumbed to old age. It will no longer turn on.
Kitchen light:
The kitchen really being only a counter the kitchen light is single bulb 15” fixture hanging on the wall. A few months ago it gave erroneous reports of its demise. At that time I got a new bulb but as I was replacing the old one it flickered back to life. So I now had a second good bulb  Then while doing some drawer cleanup I found a third good bulb. Which meant that when I went to turn it on this morning to check out the coffee maker and found the kitchen light had breathed its last I had two other bulbs able to hold the mirror in front of the corpse’s mouth. Yep it was going to the great beyond.

Edited the next day:
Last night as I was heading to bed I tried the buttons yet again on the coffee maker. It came on. Of course since I was off to bed it wasn't ready to run (no coffee nor water) and I wasn't ready to drink, so I turned it back off. This morning, full of good faith I put the water and coffee in it and pressed the button - Presto - it came on.I was so excited I started pouring SPlenda intended for the sugar bowl into my coffee mug - caught myself before it was undrinkably sweet.
I tried the kitchen light as I was filling the maker. On it came with only one click of the switch. Yesterday it got many clicks and bulb exchanges. Beats me.
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7 Responses May 15, 2012

it is to weird take care

Yes, it is weird - but then, so am I.

My house was very old and had bad wiring.It burnt out out least ten electric jugs,toasters etc.Could be the wiring is defective.<br />
<br />
Could be you have naughty pixies and fairies ! Bribe them with sweets.I make a mirror pond,leave flowers and chocolate.Everything goes great now !!!<br />
<br />
Smudging with sage can't hurt.Just go to the north corner and ask the spirits to purify your house,then,south...etc.<br />
<br />
This is fascinating.I have a friend who has a used to scare her boyfriend.<br />
<br />
Please keep me informed !

I think it's the pixies but if I have chocolate I eat it. LOL Plenty of flowers growing in the yard. I was going to say we even have our own special fairies but as I thought of them I realized they have not been treated well. Worth a story of their own.

It pays to be nice to the house pixies and fairies.I give them crystals and shiny things too ! xx

Latest on the coffee maker - after about a week of goofing off and being difficult to turn on it finally started acting right - right that is for a coffee maker that's telling time in the 24 hour system (of its own devising) ***** STOP THE PRESSES - it has gone back to regular time keeping - 12 hours with an indicator for PM. All other systems unchanged

Maybe you just need an electrician :)<br />
or you have spirit problems<br />
or you or someone near emits a charge .<br />
I wish I could say I have never experienced anything like this.<br />
<br />
whatever the case smudging and grounding seems like a good plan.

Wow tommy, this is almost spooky.....Get the woman upstairs to come in and tell her story too..... I have no clue about stuff like this......Sorta sends a chill up my back tho....<br />
at least the coffee maker came back to life.... :)

does your kitty watch something you can't see?

Not that I've noticed. But Ms. Upstairs does have an effect on the cats and she has noticed weird electrical stuff, too. But she can tell her own darn story. LOL


You have never owned a pit if you actually believe what you wrote. T, your right. This guy is a loon

Have to edit the story to give the latest events from today.

are u scared of that house , in ur place i think i will be , weird shape, electric problem if i can call it like this ......... in other way u can consider it original in some how

No, not scared - I just think it's weird