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Smother Me

My fetish isn't all that weird but I'd like to get opinions on it anyway

I love being smothered. But mainly clothed. I like when females sit on my face wearing yoga pants or jeans or anything of the sort
Naked is also a major turn on as well. I'm just obsessed with ***** haha. I also have a weird fetish where I like when a girl licks my *******. So hot
keith1989 keith1989 22-25, M 2 Responses Feb 10, 2013

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<p>This actually makes all kinds of sense to me! I've posted elsewhere about how the only kind of semi-**** I like features clothed girls facesitting boys. And I have done my fair share of SWC (smothering while clothed), as part of my general love of sitting on people :)</P><br />
<p>As far as having my own face sat on, I'd prefer another woman or a cute cross-dressing boy. Anyway, the butt must look smashing in a g-string!</P>

Nothing like relaxing in a cute pair if yoga pants! I love to smother and to be smothered. :) Yum!

mmm, you can smother me in your yoga pants anytime you want ;)