This Is Going To Be Odd....

I have sort of a fetish for werewolves..... I can't watch a ******* werewolf movie without .... how the **** do some people say it ? ..... (**** it) getting hard.... IT's really ******* weird but i just do. I like the transformations the most..... Please DON'T ask about it... Wow i don't know what else to say here. Hope my friends never find out about it lol....

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6 Responses Feb 9, 2010

It's a shame I don't share this fantasy because two of the guys i've been with could've passed as werewolves (though if Clayton Danvers was real I so would!!) .

Bad table manners and leaving the seat up?

That's not werewolves that's just men in general. I was talking about the excessive body hair.........and i'm talking being able to plait back hair *shudders*

This is perfectly normal. It's just preparation for when you get married and the girl of your dreams turns into an aggressive, bloodsucking, hirsute ***** from hell. The fantasy helps you get through this little glitch and have kids.

ooo. Does your wife have a wart on her nose?

Ahhh Garcia... how INTERESTING....... I won'tbe letting this go that easily...

*coughs* Sorry.......hairball!

Haha, you're not alone. Before I was sure that I was a furry, werewolves were my thing.. the transformation in American Werewolf in London is still by far the best in my opinion! Incredible effects and oddly so hot.

i'm sure there's weirder fetishes than that. don't worry about it too much

A friend of mine is turned on by them also! :)