When I Was Young

I was obsessed with symettry... if i bumped my left foot, i wud bump the right so they wud feel the same lol and many variations of that...I wud want to step over equal ammounts of cracks in the sidewalk with each foot.. even now, i work out at the gym and it annoys the hell out of me when one of my arms is slightly bigger than the other (my left, my strong hand) also i have a slight pigeon chest (look it up if u dont noe) it isnt that noticeable now that i have more muscle but one side (left) come out a bit more and it is so goddaamn annoying :l
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2010

I don't have OCD but when I as younger I had that same feeling! I also used to have to scrunch up my face muscles because it felt good....these days I don't have that much but yeah...when I was younger I always was wondering WTF

Sounds kind of like OCD to me.

i get what ya mean. i have ocd, and my big thing is also symetry, and other things....... jk<br />
any who, yeah i mean i hate it when my shirt is higher or lower then the other side, and i absolutely detest it when guys where baggy pants and way to big shirts, i mean pick one!!!! either you want to show your boxers or ya dont, oops i getting caried away any way i get what ya mean.

ahha same