Fertility Queen

Fantasies are just that, fantasies. I have one where my womb is used to its full potential. My body is prepared ahead of time, gaining just the right amount of weight and taking the right natural herbs and the like to provide the perfect environment for my offspring. Then it starts with one suitable donor, making sure I can become impregnated for the first time. Because of my preparations, I am able to carry multiples first try. My body begins to change and adjust, growing to accommodate my children.

As time passes, I give birth, and worshipers are chosen to tend to my children, to position them around my breasts for nourishment while more donors are presented. Now I am to take on all of these suitors at once, all their seed entering my body and fertilizing more eggs than before. My followers tend to me, make sure I am comfortable, while still raising my children according to my word (and I see them and love them during private moments as well).

My body grows with each passing until the average conception capacity reaches levels of 9 or 10 babies at once (maybe more!). That will be the average amount for the rest of my life. I will allow my followers to touch me, rub my belly to comfort me, and even suckle the sweet milk from my large breasts (I don't want to be in pain from engorgement, after all). My womb will be visible for all through specialized ultrasounds (it's a fantasy, all right?) monthly. Donors will continue to supply me their seeds, and they won't stop until it's certain conception has been achieved.

In my fantasy, I am worshiped as the Queen of Fertility.
StrataLynx StrataLynx
22-25, F
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black dom polygyny perv master looking to breed soon interested?

Extremely hot. Super. Made me hard.

I'd love to be a donor for that queen.