I Would Say So

i have some weird sleep patterns becuase of my job . i work in retail more specically in grocery store . i work sometimes 330 to midnight. and then double back to the store at 630 am to 330 pm . both are in the office . counting money and doing accounting paperwork . so as you see i go home relax . sleep three hours and then go back to work. when i get home from this redicious shift . i go home eat and then go to sleep . from 5 to 9 and then wake up eat and relax and go to sleep at 1 am . normally the next day i would work 330 to midnight . i normally sleep 9 - 10 hours . i still haven't figured this out .  i believe it is becuase of my problems with my nervous system and me running around with my head cut off at work .

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Mar 10, 2010