My Favorite Place

I think the beach hold this magical, mystical properties. The crashing
of the waves, the power of the water as it crashes against the shore.
The feel of a cool breeze on my face and the sound of seagulls high
above in the air........
Greeneyes21 Greeneyes21
46-50, F
2 Responses Feb 8, 2013

I grew up in a little beach town just south of Boston. It's only six miles away across Boston harbor. No matter how many times I left this town for good, the beach always drew em back. It's a great source of beauty and serenity for me, anytime of the year. I live about 20 feet from the beach now.

It sounds like a beach near the North Sea or perhaps the Northern Atlantic. But maybe a beach anyplace. Still I like the cliffs over the beach when a Noreaster is moving in and you can see the waves for miles and the crash is the only sound and the wind buffets the body as the strength or natures feeds my soul and makes me feel most alive. And yet there is room to tremble as all these forces are so much greater than I and the power that nourishes me may also throw me aside unaware I am even there.