Tengo Tosferina

My name is Ines, I live in Spain, the Canary Islands.

About a month and a half sick with what I thought a simple flu.
I went to the pharmacy and bought influenza, the next day was more or less well.

In the afternoon I was given a ride to the beach with some friends and I started coughing and could not stop. get home and my partner heard me coughing and I said if I wanted to take me to the ER. I thought he was exaggerating and maybe you will the next day would be better.

After spending a restless night with almost no sleep when I got up I started to cough and phlegm in the throat remained unable to leave, I was unable to breathe I made many efforts to get the phlegm in my throat, I fell dizzy, everything turned around and finally I could breathe.

I panicked and went to the emergency. There I checked and saw that my lungs were functioning well at 99% and I took the stress and had 18-11. that they
more concerned that what I had gone to the emergency. They gave me steroids and a stress pill and told me to ask my physician time with the social segurirdad.

My doctor heard me coughing and I had whooping cough probablemte said that since November there was an outbreak in my city (mild) and I got off work and clarithromycin for seven days.

Every four days I have to go to the doctor and the second and third weeks have been awful, unable to sleep, coughing incessantly, running out of air but no longer frightened me know that little by little could breathe. I'm better but not force, I still coughing but 6 or 7 times a day although it is painful cough, I have pain in my ribs from coughing so much and I am left speechless by coughing.

Now I write I do not understand .. do not understand why the adults we are not vaccines every ten years (the vaccine only lasts for that period of immunity). Do not understand is we adults who become ill children (the disease in them can be rmortal) when a child is born into a family not vaccinated for the family to avoid unnecessary illness in the newborn. I do not understand the new mothers who do not believe in vaccines (here in my country is fashionable not to vaccinate and have the social security FREE).

I hope that my testimony is served and you must pay attention because we thought they were diseases of the past come again ..

I have translated the text from Spanish to English by google traslate.

Ineslopez Ineslopez
36-40, F
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yes, exactly!